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"Belief in Ben"

Continuing with my tradition of posting photos way, way after they have run, I finally put online a couple of pictures from the photo story I did recently on student body president candidate Ben Debayle.

A few semesters ago I had pitched the idea of following around a student body president candidate to the Batt. I thought it would be interesting to show all the work that goes on behind the scenes in these campaigns, as most of the student body sees little more than the scores of signs held around campus. The idea was shot down then because they didn’t want the Batt to appear biased. When this election came around the story idea came back to mind (probably helped by hearing Scott Strazzante speak at SWPJC earlier in the year). The Batt agreed to it this time and we decided to run it after the campaign, as to help negate appearance of bias.

So, I ended up following around Ben Debayle, a Yell Leader hoping to become the next year’s SBP. For a few weeks I shot Debayle and his campaigners at meetings, late night planning sessions, running from speaking engagement to speaking engagement and whatever else I could do. The group of people I ended up following around would have been hard pressed to be much friendlier or more open to having a camera stuck in their faces.

Speaking at meetingsFour guys, three seats
Beople detailCar chalking

I won’t try to tell you the whole story here. Instead, if you are interested, please take a look at the audio slideshow I put together. It tells the story much better than the couple of pictures on flickr do alone. It was my first attempt at a soundslides presentation, so feedback is welcome.

The audio slideshow.
The set on flickr.


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